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    Brothers in Rock: Argentine and British Rock Music During the Malvinas/Falklands Conflict
    Favoretto, M ; Peddie, I (Bloomsbury Academic, 2020-01-09)
    The Bloomsbury Handbook of Popular Music and Social Class is the first extensive analysis of the most important themes and concepts in this field.
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    The Construction of Latin American Musical Identity in Melbourne
    Favoretto, M ; Brunt, S ; Stahl, G (Routledge, 2018-01-01)
    Nation-wide Competition Festivals such as Clave Contra Clave may have an important impact on the composition and promotion of Latin American music in Australia, but…which kind of music? Self-branded as a multicultural city, Melbourne is usually promoting live venues and festivals where music bands, self-described as “Latin”, challenge rigid stereotyping by actively constructing an inclusive and varied discourse of identity. Musicians in these bands face the need to express themselves and negotiate their survival in the industry at the same time, an industry that more often than not, dictates them what “latino” music should sound like. Far from finding this an impossible task, local bands formed by a mixture of Latin and non-Latin members, through their linguistic, cultural and musical fusion are creating a new hybrid third space that incorporates market-dictated stereotypes with authentic Latin American traditional sounds and clothes and new global trends. This study explores the discourse of Clave Contra Clave festival and the case of the “Aussie-Latins”, some musicians based in Melbourne, who are committed to the creation of an alternative sound that represents their homelands and at the same time incorporates their new negotiated identities in their current Australian context.