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    Materials on Golin: grammar, texts and dictionary
    Evans, Nick ; Besold, Jutta ; STOAKES, HYWEL ; Lee, Alan ; LOUGHNANE, ROBYN ; ROSS, BELINDA ; Brown, Kate (The Department of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, The University of Melbourne, 2005-04)
    Golin is a language spoken in the Simbu (Chimbu) region of Papua New Guinea. This publication consists of a selection of articles, texts and a dictionary. This was as part of the Linguistic Field Methods Subject presented by Prof. Nick Evans at The University of Melbourne, first semester 2003.This book is divided ito three parts, language analysis; a collection of texts and a small dictionary, The analysis offers insights into different aspects of the Golin language such as tonal phonology, verb morphology, and clause structure. The texts in the second part are short narratives where Kia (our language informant), recalls past experiences. The small dictionary contains about 600 entries.