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    The geochemistry and petrology of the Enterprise dolerite, Ora Banda, Western Australia
    Gregory, Melissa Joy ( 1998)
    The Enterprise Dolerite was emplaced as an intrusive tholeiitic sill within the Ora Banda Sequence at Ora Banda in the Eastern Goldfields Province of the Yilgarn Craton. The Enterprise Dolerite is now a metamorphic body with modifications in both the mineralogy and geochemistry of the rocks. Careful analysis of petrographic features integrated with geochemical trends have made it possible to interpret the original igneous characteristics of the sill. It is proposed here that the order of crystallisation in the Enterprise Dolerite is plagioclaseolivine- clinopyroxene-quartz. Furthermore, plagioclase and olivine accumulated through crystal settling before a switch to in-situ crystallisation in the remainder of the sill. The bulk chemistry of the Enterprise Dolerite is equivalent to that of the Mt Ellis Sill which occurs at the same stratigraphic position, and it is proposed here that they are continuations of the same intrusive body. This intrusive body is related to the other mafic members of the Ora Banda Sequence, with all members forming a differentiation trend and in which the Big Dick Basalt represents a primary mantle magma. The Enterprise Dolerite/Mt Ellis Sill has evolved in composition along the trend from this primary magma. Finally, the addition and removal of phases has produced a chemically evolving system with differentiation progressing to maxima in silica and iron concentrations which provide very good conditions tor gold deposition. This study proposes that both the Enterprise Dolerite and the Mt Ellis Sill be examined for future potential gold mineralisation.