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    Geology of the Club Terrace district, East Gippsland
    BYRNE, DAVID ( [1983])
    The mapping and laboratory projects are a combined study of the Club Terrace district. Part of the laboratory project will involve structural analysis of drill core, obtained from the study area by Samedan of Australia, in an attempt to relate the mineralization to structural and sedimentological features. (From Introduction)
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    The Buchan group sediments and their application to industrial uses
    Duyker, Melissa J. ( 1993)
    Technological advancements in the paper industry, which utilise calcium carbonate rather than kaolin as coaters and fillers, is the motivation behind establishing suitable limestone resources in Victoria. The relatively pure Buchan Group Limestones in East Gippsland have practical applications in this industry. The two major controls on the geochemistry of the carbonates are: a) the depositional environment; b) the diagenetic history. The two main units analysed, including the Buchan Caves Limestone, and the Murrindal Limestone, have been deposited in environments conducive to the formation of relatively clay-poor carbonates. The predominant low-energy subtidal conditions prevailing in the deposition of the Buchan Caves Limestone, permitted higher concentrations of clay and organic matter. The Murrindal Limestone harbours sediments that are both clay-rich (McLarty Member) as a result of quiet lagoonal conditions, and extremely clay poor (Rocky Camp Member), the consequence of a high-energy, biohermal environment. In both units, burial and diagenesis are the mechanisms by which further impurities are added, transported or transformed throughout the carbonate profile. Statistical evaluations with respect to the calcium oxide, content, indicate that the Rocky Camp Member is a very high- grade resource. Both the Buchan Caves, and the McLarty Member Limestones are variable grade resources which vary from low- to highgrade. However, Si02,, Fe203, MnO, and MgO content determines the potential application of the Buchan Group Sediments to the paper industry. In all units, mean contaminant values are high, and generally exceed the specifications of the paper industry for fillers and coaters. Potential quarry locations are identified at Murrindal and in South Buchan. These sites offer a combination of very high-grade limestones, relative lack of impurities, and conform to the regulations of quarry development operations.