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    Implications of social media networks on information security risks
    Boorman, James ; Liu, Yanhua ; Zhang, Yixin ; Bai, Yu ; Yao, Siyi ; Wang, Mengxue ; Tai, Li ( 2014-08)
    The user base of Social Media Networks (SMN) has grown dramatically over the last 10 years, with the Facebook platform alone commanding 18% of the world’s population as active users. Thus SMN provide a mechanism to disseminate information both rapidly and globally. Despite this fact, little research has been conducted into the implications of SMN on information security risk. Here we conduct a literature review in order to provide information security professionals with insight into the threats, threat agents, vulnerabilities and potential risks faced by individuals and organisations from SMN. Findings suggest that confidentiality and integrity of information can be threatened by multiple actors and mechanisms, putting information and reputation at risk. Information security professionals face a mammoth task to manage such risks and a standard approach to risk management seems unlikely to be effective.