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    Anti-personnel landmine detection based on GPR and IR imaging: a review
    Bhuiyan, Alauddin ; Nath, Baikunth ( 2006-04)
    Ground penetrating radar (GPR) and Infrared (IR) camera have become two established sensors for detecting buried anti-personnel mines (APM) which contain no or a little metal. This report reviews the detection techniques of APM using GPR and IR, and describes particular situations where each technique is feasible. We provide an analysis for fusion based detection and classification of APM. We discuss the GPR and IR data acquisition, signal processing and image processing methods. We also include a comparative study of these two sensors with respect to signal processing and target detection procedures. The report discusses the strengths and weaknesses of each of the sensors based on data capturing efficiency, overcoming environmental difficulties and sensor technology. Finally, we emphasize that a geometrical feature based sensor fusion, combining GPR and IR, for detection and classification of APM may be the most effective technique.