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    Engaging Primary Girls in STEM: Best Practice Implementation & Gaps in Victorian Classrooms
    KEANE, T ; Linden, T ; Snead, S (Swinburne University of Technology, 2022-02-08)
    The case for increasing girls’ and women’s’ interest and uptake in STEM careers has been clearly outlined and resonated with educators, industry, and policy makers in Australia. It is recognised that primary school years are critical in harnessing and developing girls interests and enthusiasm for STEM activities and education. However, some primary school teachers lack the knowledge, capacity, and confidence to teach STEM, and that an overpopulated curriculum does not lend itself easily to integrating change and STEM approaches to teaching. This report is based on a review of current literature. A limited amount of published academic literature could be located that specifically addresses the intersection of primary school aged girls (approximately 5-11 years old) and STEM engagement. We found that more attention was paid to this topic by grey literature, mostly in the form of consultancy reports and reviews which were commissioned by government or industry. Findings from this review are reported below, with a focus given to everyday classroom practices within the current educational context. This report addresses one of our key project objectives: to curate and create free resources for use by teachers and parents within the current environment to assist the 'now to the future' state.