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    Carpaccio, Saint Stephen, and the topography of Jerusalem
    Marshall, David R. ( 1984)
    Those buildings and topographical motifs in Jerusalem represented by Carpaccio in his Saint Stephen cycle are discussed, as are the ways in which they were represented by artists before Carpaccio. It can be deduced that Carpaccio's sole source for his renderings was in the woodcuts by Reuwich in the 1486 book by Breydenbach on the Holy Land. Suggestions of other sources and of a visit by Carpaccio may be discarded. Conclusions can be drawn about Carpaccio's approach to the representation of real landscape.
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    Pornography and pleasure: the female spectator
    CREED, BARBARA ( 1982)
    In this paper, I wish to make some comments on the pornographic film text and the question of pleasure for the female viewer. My starting point is The Story of O, a film which is ‘about’ sado-masochistic relationships but I shall also refer to Emmanuelle, The Anti-Virgin, which is part II of the Emmanuelle trilogy, a group of films which have been more widely viewed that any other recent soft-porn products.