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    Science in the service of religion and art: analysis of pigments in Middle Eastern Manuscripts
    Sloggett, R ; Kerry, A ; Nugent, K (University of Melbourne, 1999)
    The Middle Eastern Manuscript Collection housed in the Baillieu Library at the University of Melbourne present a rich resource for scholars exploring Middle Eastern book production and the trade of manuscripts between the east and west. This paper explores how Raman analysis can help inform studies of production and trade in Middle Eastern Manuscripts. It also demonstrated the value of Raman analysis as a non-destructive tool in manuscript studies.
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    Mobility and selection in Scottish university medical education, 1858–1886
    Bradley, J ; Crowther, A ; Dupree, M (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 1996-01)
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    The Function of Performance Appraisal in Career Development
    Baldwin, J (SAGE Publications, 1998-10)
    The design of a performance appraisal system may be considered an unusual topic in the field of career development. However, it is considered most relevant in the current employment climate for graduates given the repeated emphasis on career development at various stages of the employment process. There has been a growing emphasis since the mid-1970s on employees' needs rather than just organisational needs, and a recognition of the strategic value of employees being developed to their best potential. Organisations have become increasingly aware that the effective development of their employees' skills and knowledge has benefits for the whole organisation. Career development (or employee or professional development) is a thread that runs through each stage of this discussion of the design of a performance appraisal system. This issue of career development may also be observed in promotional brochures and information sessions given by recruiters of graduates of tertiary institutions. Much is made of training and development opportunities as organisations seek to attract the brightest and best graduates to their graduate management trainee programs. Performance appraisal can be a crucial factor in the setting of career goals and the perception of job satisfaction leading to increased motivation and productivity.