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    ‘Australia-China Collaboration on the Art History, Restoration and Conservation Study of Mural Paintings’
    Eckfeld, T ; Tse, N ; Kyi, C ; Xiaoxiao, W ; Jing, Y ; Jiafang, L ; Daiyun, L ; Zhou, T (Wenwu chubanshe, 2020)
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    Authenticity, Instagram and the artist archive: Contemporary approaches to building a secure artist record in Indonesia
    Sloggett, R ; Tse, N ; O'Donnel, E ; Bridgland, J (ICOM CC, 2021-05-17)
    The circulation of counterfeit paintings in In- donesia’s art centres remains, as it does across the globe, a sensitive issue that distorts the cul- tural narrative and threatens the intellectual property of artists and their legacy. This paper focuses on contemporary Indonesian artist Heri Dono and the methods which he has adopted to protect his intellectual property in response to counterfeit paintings on the market bearing his signature. In 2015, Dono established a personal archive at his studio in Yogyakarta in which he has documented his artistic production since 1979. In 2017, in parallel with the development of the archive, the Studio Kalahan Instagram account began publishing images of counterfeit paintings in Dono’s signature style. Informed by interviews with Dono and other contem- porary Indonesian artists, this research aims to understand issues surrounding the veracity and legacy of the physical and digital archive and in- tegrated ways of building a secure artist record.