Recent Submissions

  • Evaluation of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander strengths based coaching program: a study protocol 

    Brown, A; Mensah, F; Gee, G; Paradies, Y; French, S; Waters, L; Arabena, K; Armstrong, G; Nicholson, J; Brown, SJ; ... (BMC, 2021-07-23)
    BACKGROUND: Increasingly, strength-based approaches to health and wellbeing interventions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are being explored. This is a welcome counter to deficit-based initiatives ...
  • Changes in the modes of twin birth in Victoria, 1983-2015 

    Liu, YA; Davey, M-A; Lee, R; Palmer, KR; Wallace, EM (WILEY, 2019-11-12)
    OBJECTIVES: To examine changes in the modes of delivery of twins in Victoria over 33 years. DESIGN: Retrospective population-based study. SETTING, PARTICIPANTS: All twin births in Victoria, 1 January 1983 - 31 December ...
  • Impact of type 2 diabetes on hospitalization and mortality in people with malignancy 

    Kiburg, KV; Ward, GM; Vogrin, S; Steele, K; Mulrooney, E; Loh, M; McLachlan, SA; Sundararajan, V; MacIsaac, RJ (WILEY, 2020-02-01)
    AIM: To compare the characteristics of and outcomes for people with malignancies with and without a co-diagnosis of diabetes. METHODS: Emergency department and hospital discharge data from a single centre for the period ...

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