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  • National religiosity eases the psychological burden of poverty 

    Berkessel, JB; Gebauer, JE; Joshanloo, M; Bleidorn, W; Rentfrow, PJ; Potter, J; Gosling, SD (NATL ACAD SCIENCES, 2021-09-28)
    Lower socioeconomic status (SES) harms psychological well-being, an effect responsible for widespread human suffering. This effect has long been assumed to weaken as nations develop economically. Recent evidence, however, ...
  • The of effect of partnership-based education on adherence to the treatment plans in open heart surgery. 

    Bahramnezhad, F; Sanaie, N; Jackson, AC; Shariati, E; Atashzadeh-Shoorideh, F (2021)
    BACKGROUND: Adherence to the treatment plans is one of the most effective conducts to prevent and reduce postoperative side effects. Partnership-based education is one of the most efficient ways to shape health behaviors. ...
  • Economic evaluation of an Australian nurse home visiting programme: a randomised trial at 3 years 

    Mudiyanselage, SB; Price, AMH; Mensah, FK; Bryson, HE; Perlen, S; Orsini, F; Hiscock, H; Dakin, P; Harris, D; Noble, K; ... (BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP, 2021-12-01)
    OBJECTIVES: To investigate the additional programme cost and cost-effectiveness of 'right@home' Nurse Home Visiting (NHV) programme in relation to improving maternal and child outcomes at child age 3 years compared with ...

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