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    • Regulation of human T-cell function by short chain fatty acids 

      Xu, Yanhui (2018)
      Short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) are important bacterial metabolites produced by the fermentation of complex carbohydrates in the large gut. Luminal SCFAs are act locally to maintain the integrity of the gut epithelium and ...
    • Immunity and protection against Influenza B viruses 

      Koutsakos, Marios (2018)
      Broad immunity to influenza viruses can be conferred by both humoral and cellular components of the immune system. Thus, universal vaccines, need to elicit both antibody and T cell responses with broad cross-reactivity ...
    • Identification and characterisation of novel mutant p53 regulators 

      Tan, Kah Hin (2018)
      The p53 protein is a transcription factor and has been considered as a master tumour suppressor. TP53 gene is frequently mutated in human cancers (more than 50%). Mutation in p53 not only loses its tumour suppressive ...