Recent Submissions

  • Cellular and subcellular co-storage of gastrointestinal hormones 

    Fothergill, Linda Jane (2018)
    Gastrointestinal hormones regulate a diverse range of physiological processes including digestion, metabolism, and food intake, as well as maintaining mucosal integrity and mounting defensive mechanism in response to ...
  • Determining the role of the paratrigeminal nucleus (Pa5) in airway defence 

    Driessen, Alexandria (2018)
    Respiratory sensations conveyed by airway sensory nerve fibres are poorly understood, yet they contribute significantly to morbidity in pulmonary disease. Our viral tracing studies identified a previously unknown airway ...
  • Suppressors of oncogenic Cbl in the Drosophila eye. 

    Sannang, Rowena Tenri (2018)
    Cbl is an E3 ligase, and downregulates several cellular signalling pathways, in this role by targeting receptor tyrosine kinases for endocytosis. Mammalian Cbl was first identified as the full-length isoform of v-Cbl, a ...

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