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  • The Angiosome Concept Revisited 

    Gascoigne, Adam Charles (2019)
    Introduction The angiosome concept was originally described in 1987. The principles of this theory codify our understanding of the vasculature of the human bodyand underpins much of modern plastic surgery. However, with ...
  • Led into Temptation? Rewarding Brand Logos Bias the Neural Encoding of Incidental Economic Decisions 

    Murawski, C; Harris, PG; Bode, S; Dominguez D, JF; Egan, GF (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2012-03-30)
    Human decision-making is driven by subjective values assigned to alternative choice options. These valuations are based on reward cues. It is unknown, however, whether complex reward cues, such as brand logos, may bias the ...
  • Targeted RNA sequencing enhances gene expression profiling of ultra-low input samples 

    Curion, F; Handel, AE; Attar, M; Gallone, G; Bowden, R; Cader, MZ; Clark, MB (TAYLOR & FRANCIS INC, 2020-06-29)
    RNA-seq is the standard method for profiling gene expression in many biological systems. Due to the wide dynamic range and complex nature of the transcriptome, RNA-seq provides an incomplete characterization, especially ...

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