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  • Dietary fatty acids and the heart 

    Ip, Wendy K. T. (2016)
    This Thesis is presented in the form of a compilation comprising 3 peer-reviewed research papers. Each paper is abstracted as below. PUBLICATION #1 Ip WTK, Huggins CE, Pepe S, Delbridge LMD. Evaluating RNA preparation ...
  • The role of submucosal neurons in physiological and pathophysiological intestinal secretion 

    Fung, Candice (2016)
    The enteric nervous system (ENS) has two major types of secretomotor neurons, which contain either acetylcholine (i.e. are cholinergic) or vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP). These are well conserved across species, and ...
  • Mathematical and computer modelling of the enteric nervous system 

    Thomas, Evan Alexander (2001)
    The enteric nervous system (ENS) runs within the intestinal wall and is responsible for initiating and enacting several reflexes and motor patterns, including peristalsis and the complex interdigestive motor programs, known ...

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