Recent Submissions

  • Betwixt & between: a visual representation of liminal space and beyond 

    Beyer, Suzanne Louise (2018)
    This MFA examines how digital technology affects liminal space or the in-between. The title of this research paper ‘Betwixt & Between’, references the essay, Betwixt and Between: The liminal period in Rites De Passage, ...
  • How do Digital Audio Workstations influence the way musicians make and record music? 

    Rando, Thomas (2019)
    Digital technology in music is evolving at an accelerating pace. Musicians are increasingly relying on software instruments and digital audio workstations (DAWs) to create popular music. This research examines the hypothesis ...
  • Folio of compositions 

    Riley, Daniel (2018)
    Folio of 6 compositions including orchestral, choral and chamber music. The works traverse a stylistic spectrum, moving freely between the simple and the complex, synthesising liturgical choral traditions with instrumental ...

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