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  • Diversity of Blastocystis subtypes in dogs in different geographical settings 

    Wang, W; Cuttell, L; Bielefeldt-Ohmann, H; Inpankaew, T; Owen, H; Traub, RJ (BMC, 2013-07-24)
    BACKGROUND: Blastocystis is a ubiquitous, globally distributed intestinal protist infecting humans and a wide range of animals. Several studies have shown that Blastocystis is a potentially zoonotic parasite. A 1996 study ...
  • Vector-Borne Diseases - constant challenge for practicing veterinarians: recommendations from the CVBD World Forum 

    Baneth, G; Bourdeau, P; Bourdoiseau, G; Bowman, D; Breitschwerdt, E; Capelli, G; Cardoso, L; Dantas-Torres, F; Day, M; Dedet, J-P; ... (BIOMED CENTRAL LTD, 2012-03-20)
    The human-animal bond has been a fundamental feature of mankind's history for millennia. The first, and strongest of these, man's relationship with the dog, is believed to pre-date even agriculture, going back as far as ...
  • A survey of canine tick-borne diseases in India 

    Abd Rani, PAM; Irwin, PJ; Coleman, GT; Gatne, M; Traub, RJ (BMC, 2011-07-19)
    BACKGROUND: There are few published reports on canine Babesia, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Hepatozoon and haemotropic Mycoplasma infections in India and most describe clinical disease in individual dogs, diagnosed by morphological ...

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