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  • Transcriptome sequencing and multi-plex imaging of prostate cancer microenvironment reveals a dominant role for monocytic cells in progression 

    Mangiola, S; McCoy, P; Modrak, M; Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes, F; Blashki, D; Stuchbery, R; Keam, SP; Kerger, M; Chow, K; Nasa, C; ... (BMC, 2021-07-22)
    BACKGROUND: Prostate cancer is caused by genomic aberrations in normal epithelial cells, however clinical translation of findings from analyses of cancer cells alone has been very limited. A deeper understanding of the ...
  • Genomic Risk Prediction for Breast Cancer in Older Women 

    Lacaze, P; Bakshi, A; Riaz, M; Orchard, SG; Tiller, J; Neumann, JT; Carr, PR; Joshi, AD; Cao, Y; Warner, ET; ... (MDPI, 2021-07-01)
    Genomic risk prediction models for breast cancer (BC) have been predominantly developed with data from women aged 40-69 years. Prospective studies of older women aged ≥70 years have been limited. We assessed the effect of ...
  • Registry of Older South Australians (ROSA): framework and plan 

    Inacio, MC; Bray, SCE; Whitehead, C; Corlis, M; Visvanathan, R; Evans, K; Griffith, EC; Wesselingh, SL (BMJ PUBLISHING GROUP, 2019-06-01)
    INTRODUCTION: Australia's ageing population puts significant demands on the aged care and healthcare sectors. To monitor the provision of aged care and healthcare services to older people, each government body has an ...

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