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  • MoodSwings: an online self-guided intervention for bipolar disorder 

    Lauder, Susan Dorothy (2016)
    Bipolar disorder is a chronic illness characterised by extreme mood swings. The efficacy limitations of medication alone have flagged a role for adjunctive psychosocial treatments. Despite strong evidence for these ...
  • Redox biology and autism 

    Villagonzalo, Kristi-Ann (2016)
    Background: Evidence suggests that oxidative stress may be related to the aetiology of autism. This is supported by studies showing deficiencies in glutathione and other antioxidants, mitochondrial dysfunction and genetic ...
  • I’m hurt, annoyed and see things: anger in PTSD and the role of visual imagery 

    McHugh, Anthony Francis (2015)
    This research investigated the role of imagery as a mechanism underlying anger’s relationship to posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Previous research has demonstrated that anger is a strong predictor of PTSD severity ...

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