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  • Defining Compulsive Behavior 

    Luigjes, J; Lorenzetti, V; de Haan, S; Youssef, GJ; Murawski, C; Sjoerds, Z; van den Brink, W; Denys, D; Fontenelle, LF; Yücel, M (Springer Verlag, 2019-03-15)
    Compulsive tendencies are a central feature of problematic human behavior and thereby are of great interest to the scientific and clinical community. However, no consensus exists about the precise meaning of ‘compulsivity,’ ...
  • Housing and Support Narratives of People Experiencing Mental Health Issues: Making My Place, My Home 

    Fossey, E; Harvey, C; McDermott, F (FRONTIERS MEDIA SA, 2020-01-10)
    Background: Choice, control, privacy, and security are widely reported housing preferences of mental health consumers, are associated with improved well-being and greater housing satisfaction, and are important for recovery. ...
  • Training for child and adolescent psychiatry in the twenty-first century 

    Deschamps, P; Hebebrand, J; Jacobs, B; Robertson, P; Anagnostopoulos, DC; Banaschewski, T; Birkle, SM; Dubicka, B; Falissard, B; Giannopoulou, I; ... (SPRINGER, 2020-01-16)

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