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  • Naturally acquired blocking human monoclonal antibodies to Plasmodiumvivax reticulocyte binding protein 2b 

    Chan, L-J; Gandhirajan, A; Carias, LL; Dietrich, MH; Vadas, O; Visentin, R; Franca, CT; Menant, S; Soldati-Favre, D; Mueller, I; ... (NATURE RESEARCH, 2021-03-09)
    Plasmodium vivax preferentially invades reticulocytes and recognition of these cells is mediated by P. vivax Reticulocyte Binding Protein 2b (PvRBP2b) binding to human Transferrin receptor 1 (TfR1) and Transferrin (Tf). ...
  • Evolution of late-stage metastatic melanoma is dominated by aneuploidy and whole genome doubling 

    Vergara, IA; Mintoff, CP; Sandhu, S; McIntosh, L; Young, RJ; Wong, SQ; Colebatch, A; Cameron, DL; Kwon, JL; Wolfe, R; ... (NATURE RESEARCH, 2021-03-04)
    Although melanoma is initiated by acquisition of point mutations and limited focal copy number alterations in melanocytes-of-origin, the nature of genetic changes that characterise lethal metastatic disease is poorly ...
  • Pre-mitotic genome re-organisation bookends the B cell differentiation process 

    Chan, WF; Coughlan, HD; Zhou, JHS; Keenan, CR; Bediaga, NG; Hodgkin, PD; Smyth, GK; Johanson, TM; Allan, RS (NATURE RESEARCH, 2021-02-26)
    During cellular differentiation chromosome conformation is intricately remodelled to support the lineage-specific transcriptional programs required for initiating and maintaining lineage identity. When these changes occur ...

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