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  • Necroptosis induced by RIPK3 requires MLKL but not Drp1 

    Moujalled, DM; Cook, WD; Murphy, JM; Vaux, DL (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2014-02-01)
    Necroptosis is a mechanism by which cells can kill themselves that does not require caspase activity or the presence of the pro-apoptotic Bcl-2 family members Bax or Bak. It has been reported that RIPK3 (receptor interacting ...
  • Investigating and Correcting Plasma DNA Sequencing Coverage Bias to Enhance Aneuploidy Discovery 

    Chandrananda, D; Thorne, NP; Ganesamoorthy, D; Bruno, DL; Benjamini, Y; Speed, TP; Slater, HR; Bahlo, M (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2014-01-29)
    Pregnant women carry a mixture of cell-free DNA fragments from self and fetus (non-self) in their circulation. In recent years multiple independent studies have demonstrated the ability to detect fetal trisomies such as ...
  • Loss of Bak enhances lymphocytosis but does not ameliorate thrombocytopaenia in BCL-2 transgenic mice 

    Vandenberg, CJ; Josefsson, EC; Campbell, KJ; James, C; Lawlor, KE; Kile, BT; Cory, S (NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP, 2014-05-01)
    Bax and Bak are critical effectors of apoptosis. Although both are widely expressed and usually functionally redundant, recent studies suggest that Bak has particular importance in certain cell types. Genetic and biochemical ...

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