Recent Submissions

  • Caries Risk Assessment Tools: The Evidence 

    Christian, Bradley (2020)
    Background Various caries risk assessment tools (CRATs) are currently used in the management of early childhood caries. The evidence to inform the selection of a specific tool is unclear, as CRATs differ in their content ...
  • Media reporting of Robin Williams’ suicide 

    Pirkis, Jane Elizabeth (2020)
    Background Irresponsible media reporting of suicide can lead to suicidal acts, particularly if the subject of the reporting is a celebrity. When Robin Williams took his own life on 11 August 2014, media reporting in the ...
  • The future of public health: the importance of workforce. 

    Lin, V; Watson, R; Oldenburg, B (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2009-04-09)
    Health workforce has become a major concern and a significant health policy issue around the world in recent years. With recent international and national initiatives and models being developed and implemented in Australia ...

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