Recent Submissions

  • Disparities in child mortality trends: what is the evidence from disadvantaged states in India? the case of Orissa and Madhya Pradesh 

    Nguyen, K-H; Jimenez-Soto, E; Dayal, P; Hodge, A (BMC, 2013-06-27)
    INTRODUCTION: The Millennium Development Goals prompted renewed international efforts to reduce under-five mortality and measure national progress. However, scant evidence exists about the distribution of child mortality ...
  • Harm reduction and "Clean" community: can Viet Nam have both? 

    Thu, HK; Van, ATN; Jardine, M; Moore, T; Thu, HB; Crofts, N (BMC, 2012-07-09)
    The findings of our research show that while police play multiple roles in the fight against drug-related crime, they often perceived their tasks - especially preventing and controlling drug use on the one hand, and ...
  • Laos case study 

    Tenni, B; Sychareun, V (BIOMED CENTRAL LTD, 2012-07-09)
    Peuan Mit is a Lao organization working to address the needs of children and youth living and working on the streets. This case study outlines how a trusted and strong relationship with local police provides mutual benefit.

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