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dc.contributor.authorLoughnan, C
dc.identifier.citationLoughnan, C. (2020). Law, love and being in relation. Globalizations, 17 (7), pp.1194-1211.
dc.description.abstractThis article takes up Agozino’s call for love. Yet this call is not a straightforward one. In response, I press for an appreciation of love which avoids collapsing love into ’protection’, engaging instead with the Aboriginal World View described by Kombumerri and Wakka Wakka woman and scholar, Mary Graham, as a form of conduct, reflection and a practice in listening. Through two quite distinct stories offered by young people in their encounters with Australia’s criminal justice system, I explore the ethics of listening and respectful relations in social and institutional settings. While the first story reveals the denial of colonial violence accompanying protectionist policies for the ‘care’ of Indigenous communities, the second story shows how such patterns of denial underpin western ‘justice’ systems, including for settler peoples. Responding to Agozino’s call requires that we examine the ethical act of listening and reflect on the repercussions of the failure to listen.
dc.publisherInforma UK Limited
dc.titleLaw, love and being in relation
dc.typeJournal Article
melbourne.affiliation.departmentSchool of Social and Political Sciences
melbourne.contributor.authorLoughnan, Claire
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