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  • The introduction and implementation of permanent care orders in Victoria 

    Mackieson, Penelope Kathleen (2019)
    This research investigated debates surrounding the introduction and implementation of Permanent Care Orders (PCOs), a type of guardianship, in the context of permanency for children unable to be reunified with their parents ...
  • Memory-making in neonatal end-of-life care 

    Thornton, Rebecca Kate (2019)
    Experiencing the death of an infant places parents at risk of prolonged and profound grief, therefore providing appropriate psychosocial support for parents is crucial. Current perinatal palliative care guidelines recommend ...
  • Outcomes for adult cochlear implant recipients with functional pre-operative hearing 

    Moran, Michelle (2019)
    BACKGROUND & AIMS: In recent years, the population of persons with hearing loss attending cochlear implant (CI) centres for candidacy discussions has shifted to include those with greater hearing than in the past. Specifically, ...

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