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  • Preventing hearing injury in the music industry 

    McGinnity, Siobhan Anne (2019)
    Sound levels in the live music industry have been demonstrated to reach levels capable of causing harm to the auditory system. The body of work presented here aimed to explore ways in which hearing injury can be prevented ...
  • The emerging profession of speech therapy in Vietnam through pioneering eyes 

    Atherton, Marie (2019)
    Speech therapy is a new and rapidly growing profession in Vietnam, yet factors shaping its development are not well understood. Previous research in Majority World contexts suggests the emergence of rehabilitation professions ...
  • The introduction and implementation of permanent care orders in Victoria 

    Mackieson, Penelope Kathleen (2019)
    This research investigated debates surrounding the introduction and implementation of Permanent Care Orders (PCOs), a type of guardianship, in the context of permanency for children unable to be reunified with their parents ...

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