Recent Submissions

  • Speech discrimination performance in multiple sclerosis dataset 

    Iva, P; Fielding, J; Clough, M; White, O; Noffs, G; Godic, B; Martin, R; van der Walt, A; Rajan, R (ELSEVIER, 2020-12-01)
    The most complex interactions between human beings occur through speech, and often in the presence of background noise. Understanding speech in noisy environments requires the integrity of highly integrated and widespread ...
  • White matter microstructure is associated with language in children born very preterm 

    Murner-Lavanchy, IM; Kelly, CE; Reidy, N; Doyle, LW; Lee, KJ; Inder, T; Thompson, DK; Morgan, AT; Anderson, PJ (ELSEVIER SCI LTD, 2018-01-01)
    Very preterm birth is associated with altered white matter microstructure and language difficulties, which may compromise communication, social function and academic achievement, but the relationship between these two ...
  • The need for improved detection and management of adult-onset hearing loss in australia. 

    McMahon, CM; Gopinath, B; Schneider, J; Reath, J; Hickson, L; Leeder, SR; Mitchell, P; Cowan, R (Hindawi Limited, 2013)
    Adult-onset hearing loss is insidious and typically diagnosed and managed several years after onset. Often, this is after the loss having led to multiple negative consequences including effects on employment, depressive ...

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