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  • Eeyore: A Novel Mouse Model of Hereditary Deafness 

    Miller, KA; Williams, LH; Dahl, H-HM; Manji, SSM (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2013-09-23)
    Animal models that recapitulate human disease are proving to be an invaluable tool in the identification of novel disease-associated genes. These models can improve our understanding of the complex genetic mechanisms ...
  • Inner Ear Morphology Is Perturbed in Two Novel Mouse Models of Recessive Deafness 

    Miller, KA; Williams, LH; Rose, E; Kuiper, M; Dahl, H-HM; Manji, SSM (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2012-12-12)
    Human MYO7A mutations can cause a variety of conditions involving the inner ear. These include dominant and recessive non-syndromic hearing loss and syndromic conditions such as Usher syndrome. Mouse models of deafness ...
  • Neurotrophin Gene Therapy for Sustained Neural Preservation after Deafness 

    Atkinson, PJ; Wise, AK; Flynn, BO; Nayagam, BA; Hume, CR; O'Leary, SJ; Shepherd, RK; Richardson, RT (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2012-12-17)
    The cochlear implant provides auditory cues to profoundly deaf patients by electrically stimulating the residual spiral ganglion neurons. These neurons, however, undergo progressive degeneration after hearing loss, marked ...

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