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dc.contributor.authorHurlimann, A
dc.contributor.authorMoosavi, S
dc.contributor.authorBrowne, GR
dc.identifier.citationHurlimann, A., Moosavi, S. & Browne, G. R. (2021). Urban planning policy must do more to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. Land Use Policy, 101,
dc.description.abstractWell-designed urban planning policy can mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to anticipated climate change impacts. However, there has been limited analysis of the extent to which urban planning policy documents addresses climate change adaptation and or mitigation. There is a need to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions to limit warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels by 2100, and to be well adapted to this change (in line with the Paris Agreement). Achieving this goal will assist in limiting damage and loss to humans and the natural environment. This paper presents a detailed qualitative and quantitative evaluation of urban planning documents (policy, regulation and law) in the state of Victoria, Australia, and the degree to which climate change mitigation and adaptation (with a focus on sea level rise) are addressed and integrated. Two scales of government (state and local) were analysed across three policy disciplines (urban planning, climate change and flood management). The evaluation framework contributes to the few tools for analyzing legislation, regulation and strategic policies for climate change adequacy. The findings reveal limited climate change adaptation and mitigation actions in urban planning documents. Additionally, there is limited integration of adaptation and mitigation actions. Important opportunities for better alignment of policies across disciplines and government levels in line Paris Agreement goals are identified, to ensure implementation in decisions made about land use and development. The analysis finds that urban planning policy must do more to include and integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation actions.
dc.titleUrban planning policy must do more to integrate climate change adaptation and mitigation actions
dc.typeJournal Article
melbourne.affiliation.departmentArchitecture, Building and Planning
melbourne.source.titleLand Use Policy: the international journal covering all aspects of land use
melbourne.contributor.authorHurlimann, Anna
melbourne.contributor.authorBrowne, Geoffrey
melbourne.contributor.authorMoosavi, Sareh
melbourne.accessrightsThis item is embargoed and will be available on 2024-02-01

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