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dc.contributor.authorAlAjarmeh, OS
dc.contributor.authorManalo, AC
dc.contributor.authorBenmokrane, B
dc.contributor.authorKarunasena, W
dc.contributor.authorFerdous, W
dc.contributor.authorMendis, P
dc.identifier.citationAlAjarmeh, O. S., Manalo, A. C., Benmokrane, B., Karunasena, W., Ferdous, W. & Mendis, P. (2020). A New Design-Oriented Model of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Reinforced Hollow Concrete Columns. ACI Structural Journal, 117 (2), pp.141-156.
dc.description.abstractHollow concrete columns (HCCs) reinforced with glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) bars and spirals are considered an effective design solution for bridge piers, electric poles, and ground piles because they use less material and maximize the strength-toweight ratio. HCC behavior is affected by critical design parameters such as inner-to-outer diameter ratio, reinforcement and volumetric ratios, and concrete compressive strength. This paper proposes a new design-oriented model based on the plasticity theory of concrete and considering the critical design parameters to accurately describe the compressive load-strain behavior of GFRP-reinforced HCCs under monotonic and concentric loading. The validity of the proposed model was evaluated against experimental test results for 14 full-scale hollow concrete columns reinforced with GFRP bars and spirals. The results demonstrated that the proposed design-oriented model was accurate and yielded a very good agreement with the axial compressive load behavior of GFRP-reinforced hollow concrete columns.
dc.publisherAmerican Concrete Institute
dc.titleA New Design-Oriented Model of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Reinforced Hollow Concrete Columns
dc.typeJournal Article
melbourne.affiliation.departmentInfrastructure Engineering
melbourne.source.titleACI Structural Journal
melbourne.openaccess.statusAccepted version
melbourne.contributor.authorMendis, Priyan
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