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dc.contributor.authorLo, STH
dc.contributor.authorYong, AS
dc.contributor.authorSinhal, A
dc.contributor.authorShetty, S
dc.contributor.authorMcCann, A
dc.contributor.authorClark, D
dc.contributor.authorGalligan, L
dc.contributor.authorEl-Jack, S
dc.contributor.authorSader, M
dc.contributor.authorTan, R
dc.contributor.authorHallani, H
dc.contributor.authorBarlis, P
dc.contributor.authorSechi, R
dc.contributor.authorDictado, E
dc.contributor.authorWalton, A
dc.contributor.authorStarmer, G
dc.contributor.authorBhagwandeen, R
dc.contributor.authorLeung, DY
dc.contributor.authorJuergens, CP
dc.contributor.authorBhindi, R
dc.contributor.authorMuller, DWM
dc.contributor.authorRajaratnam, R
dc.contributor.authorJk, JKF
dc.contributor.authorKritharides, L
dc.identifierpii: S1443-9506(20)30126-8
dc.identifier.citationLo, S. T. H., Yong, A. S., Sinhal, A., Shetty, S., McCann, A., Clark, D., Galligan, L., El-Jack, S., Sader, M., Tan, R., Hallani, H., Barlis, P., Sechi, R., Dictado, E., Walton, A., Starmer, G., Bhagwandeen, R., Leung, D. Y., Juergens, C. P. ,... Kritharides, L. (2020). Consensus Guidelines for International Cardiology Services Delivery During COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia and New Zealand. HEART LUNG AND CIRCULATION, 29 (6), pp.E69-E77.
dc.description.abstractThe global coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic poses an unprecedented stress on healthcare systems internationally. These Health system-wide demands call for efficient utilisation of resources at this time in a fair, consistent, ethical and efficient manner would improve our ability to treat patients. Excellent co-operation between hospital units (especially intensive care unit [ICU], emergency department [ED] and cardiology) is critical in ensuring optimal patient outcomes. The purpose of this document is to provide practical guidelines for the effective use of interventional cardiology services in Australia and New Zealand. The document will be updated regularly as new evidence and knowledge is gained with time. Goals Considerations.
dc.titleConsensus Guidelines for International Cardiology Services Delivery During COVID-19 Pandemic in Australia and New Zealand
dc.typeJournal Article
melbourne.affiliation.departmentMedicine and Radiology
melbourne.source.titleHeart Lung and Circulation
melbourne.openaccess.statusPublished version
melbourne.contributor.authorBarlis, Peter
melbourne.contributor.authorClark, David
melbourne.accessrightsAccess this item via the Open Access location

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