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dc.contributor.authorVolkova, L
dc.contributor.authorWeston, CJ
dc.identifier.citationVolkova, L. & Weston, C. J. (2015). Carbon loss from planned fires in southeastern Australian dry Eucalyptus forests. FOREST ECOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT, 336, pp.91-98.
dc.description.abstractThis study reports the immediate impact of planned fires on carbon distribution and storage in six forest types of south-eastern Australia. Aboveground carbon (AGC) ranged from 56 to 183MgCha−1 where between 4 and 11Mgha−1 (or 6% of AGC) was lost in planned fire. Between 3.6 and 5MgCha−1 was redistributed within the forest to the soil surface as char and partly combusted organic matter. Most carbon was lost from litter while near surface vegetation and dead trees either standing or lying were the next largest C loss groups. Overstorey tree biomass (MgCha−1) was a significant predictor of carbon loss in major fuel categories, explaining 45% of total carbon loss. The loss of coarse woody debris (CWD, %) was strongly correlated with losses in litter (%, R2=0.44) and with fireline intensity (%, R2=0.38).These C loss estimates in planned fire establish an empirical basis for further modeling to identify management options for mitigating fire-induced C losses from SE Australian Eucalyptus forests.
dc.titleCarbon loss from planned fires in southeastern Australian dry Eucalyptus forests
dc.typeJournal Article
melbourne.affiliation.departmentSchool of Ecosystem and Forest Sciences
melbourne.source.titleForest Ecology and Management
melbourne.contributor.authorVolkova, Liubov
melbourne.contributor.authorWeston, Christopher
melbourne.identifier.fundernameidUNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY, LP100200825
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