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dc.contributor.authorPratt, BF
dc.contributor.authorO'Connor, DH
dc.contributor.authorLafont, BAP
dc.contributor.authorMankowski, JL
dc.contributor.authorFernandez, CS
dc.contributor.authorTriastuti, R
dc.contributor.authorBrooks, AG
dc.contributor.authorKent, SJ
dc.contributor.authorSmith, MZ
dc.identifier.citationPratt, B. F., O'Connor, D. H., Lafont, B. A. P., Mankowski, J. L., Fernandez, C. S., Triastuti, R., Brooks, A. G., Kent, S. J. & Smith, M. Z. (2006). MHC class I allele frequencies in pigtail macaques of diverse origin. IMMUNOGENETICS, 58 (12), pp.995-1001.
dc.descriptionC1 - Journal Articles Refereed
dc.description.abstractPigtail macaques (Macaca nemestrina) are an increasingly common primate model for the study of human AIDS. Major Histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I-restricted CD8(+) T cell responses are a critical part of the adaptive immune response to HIV-1 in humans and simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) in macaques; however, MHC class I alleles have not yet been comprehensively characterized in pigtail macaques. The frequencies of ten previously defined alleles (four Mane-A and six Mane-B) were investigated in detail in 109 pigtail macaques using reference strand-mediated conformational analysis (RSCA). The macaques were derived from three separate breeding colonies in the USA, Indonesia and Australia, and allele frequencies were analysed within and between these groups. Mane-A*10, an allele that restricts the immunodominant SIV Gag epitope KP9, was the most common allele, present in 32.1% of the animals overall, with similar frequencies across the three cohorts. Additionally, RSCA identified a new allele (Mane-A*17) common to three Indonesian pigtail macaques responding to the same Gag CD8(+) T cell epitope. This broad characterization of common MHC class I alleles in more than 100 pigtail macaques further develops this animal model for the study of virus-specific CD8(+) T cell responses.
dc.subjectMedical Virology ; Infectious Diseases
dc.titleMHC class I allele frequencies in pigtail macaques of diverse origin
dc.typeJournal Article
melbourne.peerreviewPeer Reviewed
melbourne.affiliationThe University of Melbourne
melbourne.affiliation.departmentMicrobiology And Immunology
melbourne.contributor.authorFernandez, Caroline
melbourne.contributor.authorBrooks, Andrew
melbourne.contributor.authorKent, Stephen
melbourne.contributor.authorPRATT, BRIDGET FRANCES
melbourne.contributor.authorPratt, Bridget
melbourne.contributor.authorSmith, Miranda
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