Recent Submissions

  • Towards an Understanding of Cosmetic Surgery Stigma 

    Bonell, Sarah (2021)
    Cosmetic surgery is extremely popular. Despite this, negative attitudes towards cosmetic surgery and its recipients prevail. This thesis contains five manuscripts that examine pervasive perceptions of cosmetic surgery in ...
  • An fMRI study of cognitive reappraisal in major depressive disorder and borderline personality disorder 

    De la Pena-Arteaga, V; Berruga-Sanchez, M; Steward, T; Martinez-Zalacain, I; Goldberg, X; Wainsztein, A; Abulafia, C; Cardoner, N; Castro, MN; Villarreal, M; ... (CAMBRIDGE UNIV PRESS, 2021-09-01)
    BACKGROUND: One common denominator to the clinical phenotypes of borderline personality disorder (BPD) and major depressive disorder (MDD) is emotion regulation impairment. Although these two conditions have been extensively ...
  • Early EEG responses to pre-electoral survey items reflect political attitudes and predict voting behavior 

    Galli, G; Angelucci, D; Bode, S; De Giorgi, C; De Sio, L; Paparo, A; Di Lorenzo, G; Betti, V (NATURE PORTFOLIO, 2021-09-21)
    Self-reports are conventionally used to measure political preferences, yet individuals may be unable or unwilling to report their political attitudes. Here, in 69 participants we compared implicit and explicit methods of ...

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