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    • Psychological Outcomes of Those Experiencing Early Pregnancy Loss 

      Bendavid, Jessie (2019)
      Early Pregnancy Loss (EPL), a loss occurring before 14 weeks gestation, is a relatively common event, occurring in about 20% of pregnancies. Although many women and their partners do not experience psychological difficulties ...
    • The neuroprotective effects of music training in epilepsy 

      Bird, Laura Jane (2018)
      Music is central to modern life and ubiquitous in human culture. A unique functional neurobiological property of music is its greater bilateral representation in the brain, which is hypothesised to account for the proposed ...
    • Expression of the broader autism phenotype in epilepsy 

      Richard, Annie E. (2018)
      Converging evidence from epidemiological, family, and genetic studies supports that epilepsy and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) share underlying mechanisms. However, uncovering these mechanisms has been challenging because ...