Recent Submissions

  • Investigating the role of Tyro3 in the central nervous system 

    Blades, Farrah Wallis Aileen (2020)
    One of the more remarkable aspects of myelination is the relationship between axon diameter and the correlating myelin thickness, whereby larger axons are ensheathed with more myelin. However, key regulators of myelin ...
  • Relationship between amyloid and tau levels and its impact on tau spreading 

    Dore, V; Krishnadas, N; Bourgeat, P; Huang, K; Li, S; Burnham, S; Masters, CL; Fripp, J; Villemagne, VL; Rowe, CC (SPRINGER, 2021-01-26)
    PURPOSE: Previous studies have shown that Aβ-amyloid (Aβ) likely promotes tau to spread beyond the medial temporal lobe. However, the Aβ levels necessary for tau to spread in the neocortex is still unclear. METHODS: Four ...
  • Apathy in small vessel cerebrovascular disease is associated with deficits in effort-based decision making. 

    Saleh, Y; Le Heron, C; Petitet, P; Veldsman, M; Drew, D; Plant, O; Schulz, U; Sen, A; Rothwell, PM; Manohar, S; ... (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2021-03-18)
    Patients with small vessel cerebrovascular disease frequently suffer from apathy, a debilitating neuropsychiatric syndrome, the underlying mechanisms of which remain to be established. Here we investigated the hypothesis ...

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