Recent Submissions

  • Early childhood caries in Cambodia 

    Turton, Bathsheba (2018)
    Children in Cambodia have a severe burden of caries and data from the Cambodian national oral health survey reflect that four in five 6-year-old children have one or more pulpally involved teeth. One of the key features ...
  • Implications for an ‘amalgamless’ profession: an Australian perspective 

    Alexander, George (2018)
    The Minamata Convention on Mercury has committed to a reduction and ultimate elimination in the production and use of mercury containing products. Any consequent 'phase-down' of dental amalgam will change the practice of ...
  • An assessment for unique biomarker profiles in oral squamous cell carcinoma 

    Belobrov, Simone (2018)
    Purpose: Biomarkers can be used to predict the incidence or outcome of disease. Currently there are no established biomarkers for oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC). Identification of these markers and molecular profiles ...

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