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  • Alteration to hippocampal volume and shape confined to cannabis dependence: a multi-site study 

    Chye, Y; Lorenzetti, V; Suo, C; Batalla, A; Cousijn, J; Goudriaan, AE; Jenkinson, M; Martin-Santos, R; Whittle, S; Yucel, M; ... (WILEY, 2019-07-01)
    Cannabis use is highly prevalent and often considered to be relatively harmless. Nonetheless, a subset of regular cannabis users may develop dependence, experiencing poorer quality of life and greater mental health problems ...
  • Modelling the distribution of white matter hyperintensities due to ageing on MRI images using Bayesian inference. 

    Sundaresan, V; Griffanti, L; Kindalova, P; Alfaro-Almagro, F; Zamboni, G; Rothwell, PM; Nichols, TE; Jenkinson, M (Elsevier BV, 2019-01-15)
    White matter hyperintensities (WMH), also known as white matter lesions, are localised white matter areas that appear hyperintense on MRI scans. WMH commonly occur in the ageing population, and are often associated with ...
  • Separation of trait and state in stuttering. 

    Connally, EL; Ward, D; Pliatsikas, C; Finnegan, S; Jenkinson, M; Boyles, R; Watkins, KE (Wiley, 2018-08)
    Stuttering is a disorder in which the smooth flow of speech is interrupted. People who stutter show structural and functional abnormalities in the speech and motor system. It is unclear whether functional differences reflect ...

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