Recent Submissions

  • Project: Q-house 

    Asensio-Villoria, L; Mah, SC (The National Library of Australia, 2017)
    The house is a conscious exercise in developing an alternative domestic environment to the surrounding villas of the new suburban neighbourhood. the solutions for the development so far have typically been compact villas ...
  • Project: Surface Deep 

    Asensio-Villoria, L; Mah, SC (University of Melbourne, Melbourne School of Design (Publisher) / School of Architecture, Nanjing University & University of Melbourne (Venue), 2017)
    Located in Quebec, Canada, hearkening to the historical presence of low profile walls in gardens, this modern expression pushes a typically mundane element into an interactive public addition. This project provides a ...
  • Project: Lifestyled. Health and Places 

    Asensio-Villoria, L; Mah, SC (The Austalian Library of Australia; University of Melbourne; Nanjing University, 2017)
    The research was aimed at developing design models and strategies for improving residential neighbourhoods by addressing current public health concerns and has a specific focus on China's superblock residential developments. ...

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