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    • The cultural significance of wood fired Scotch ovens and the poetics of olfaction as a preservation strategy for bakeries in Victoria 

      Presa, Domenica (2020)
      This thesis investigates how baking has changed historically in Australia from Australian Aboriginal origins to colonial settlement, and the present day. It looks at what remains of Victorian bakeries and examines how ...
    • When is a Giraffe a Giraffe 

      Hinkel, R (2015-01-16)
      A performative presentation as part of the preparations for the exhibition on Frederik and Lillian Kiesler, by the Kiesler Foundation and Tensta Konsthall. The presentation speculates on the relationship between exhibition ...
    • Homefullness Roundtable 

      Hinkel, R; Frichot, H (, 2012)
      We held an informal roundtable event where participants take the opportunity to investigate and compare perceptions of housing and homelessness in the urban contexts of Australia and Sweden. As such we extend the Homefullness ...