Recent Submissions

  • Using plant functional traits to predict woody growth trajectories 

    Thomas, Freya (2017)
    This thesis is about ecological generalisation and prediction. It concerns how plant functional traits can be used to predict woody plant growth for many species. Over the past two decades, trait-based research has focused ...
  • Electron diffraction using a cold atom source 

    Speirs, Rory William (2017)
    Observing matter on atomic length and time scales simultaneously is now routinely achieved in ultrafast electron and X-ray imaging techniques, but continued advances in both approaches promise to deliver huge leaps in our ...
  • Overcoming inconsistency in woodland bird classification 

    Fraser, Hannah (2017)
    Ecologists (and other scientists) rely on terms to convey complex ideas, however researchers use these terms differently. The need for ecologists to use terms consistently is debated. On one hand, if all researchers ...

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