Recent Submissions

  • Money, markets and hydropower: Chinese dam construction in Africa 

    HAN, XIAO (2017)
    This thesis aims to clarify the formation of goals, practices and consequences of Chinese outward investment, through the lens of the Chinese government’s and corporations’ engagement in African dam construction. To achieve ...
  • Networks of interacting stochastic fluid models 

    Sonenberg, Nikki (2017)
    The focus of this thesis is the study of Markov modulated fluid models in the performance modelling of ad hoc telecommunications networks – that is networks where nodes communicate via multi-hop routes as there is no central ...
  • Palaeofire activity in western Tasmania: climate drivers and land-cover changes 

    Mariani, Michela (2017)
    Under the current changing climatic regime, in which wildfires are predicted to increase in frequency and magnitude, it is important we gain a better understanding on past climatic trends and fire activity to properly ...

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