Recent Submissions

  • Triangulating Cappell-Shaneson homotopy 4-spheres 

    Issa, Ahmad (2017)
    The smooth 4-dimensional Poincare conjecture states that if a smooth 4-manifold is homeomorphic to the 4-sphere then it is diffeomorphic to the standard 4-sphere. Historically, one of the most promising families of potential ...
  • Influenza viral dynamics models to explore the roles of innate and adaptive immunity 

    Yan, Ada W. C. (2017)
    A mathematical model which captures how the immune response controls influenza infection is essential for predicting the effects of pharmaceutical interventions, and alleviating the public health burden of the disease. ...
  • Optimal market thickness and market design 

    Muir, Ellen Victoria (2017)
    In this thesis we primarily focus on developing tractable dynamic market models, together with applications of these models. We also address several open questions concerning the statistical properties of static market ...

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