Recent Submissions

  • Inference under the coalescent with recombination 

    Mahmoudi, Ali (2020)
    Inferring the genealogical history, also known as the Ancestral Recombination Graph (ARG), of a set of DNA sequences has been a central challenge in population genetics for decades. Reconstructing the actual ARG simplifies ...
  • Interacting Quarter-Plane Lattice Walk Problems: Solutions and Proofs 

    Xu, Ruijie (2020)
    Lattice walk problems in the quarter-plane have been widely studied in recent years. The main objective is to calculate the number of configurations, that is the number of $n$-step walks ending at certain points or ...
  • Investigating and Correcting Plasma DNA Sequencing Coverage Bias to Enhance Aneuploidy Discovery 

    Chandrananda, D; Thorne, NP; Ganesamoorthy, D; Bruno, DL; Benjamini, Y; Speed, TP; Slater, HR; Bahlo, M (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2014-01-29)
    Pregnant women carry a mixture of cell-free DNA fragments from self and fetus (non-self) in their circulation. In recent years multiple independent studies have demonstrated the ability to detect fetal trisomies such as ...

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