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  • The Carbonylation of Organic Compounds by Visible Light Photoredox Catalysis 

    Micic, Nenad (2020)
    Palladium-catalysed alkoxy- and aminocarbonylation of aryl (pseudo)halides provides efficient access to aromatic esters and amides. The broad application of this approach has been restricted by functional group tolerance, ...
  • Stretching vibration is a spectator in nucleophilic substitution 

    Stei, M; Carrascosa, E; Doerfler, A; Meyer, J; Olasz, B; Czako, G; Li, A; Guo, H; Wester, R (AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE, 2018-07-01)
    How chemical reactions are influenced by reactant vibrational excitation is a long-standing question at the core of chemical reaction dynamics. In reactions of polyatomic molecules, where the Polanyi rules are not directly ...
  • Volatile chemical emissions from fragranced baby products 

    Nematollahi, N; Doronila, A; Mornane, PJ; Duan, A; Kolev, SD; Steinemann, A (SPRINGER INTERNATIONAL PUBLISHING AG, 2018-08-01)
    Fragranced consumer products have been associated with adverse effects on human health. Babies are exposed to a variety of fragranced consumer products, which can emit numerous volatile organic compounds (VOCs), some ...

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