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  • Synthesis and investigation of polyoxometalate-supported lanthanoid single-molecule magnets 

    Vonci, Michele (2017)
    The crystal field splitting of the literature lanthanoid single-molecule magnet (Ln-SMM) family Na9[Ln(W5O18)2] has been investigated using inelastic neutron scattering (INS). The experimental measurements have been ...
  • New insights into the redox chemistry of protein thiols 

    Ukuwela, Ashwinie Ayodhya (2017)
    Redox reactions play a crucial role in many biological processes. These include the role of Cu(II)/Cu(I) couples in enzyme reactions and that of the tripeptide glutathione (GSH) as a key redox buffer in cells via the ...
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy of nanostructures 

    Zeng, Peng (2017)
    This thesis presents studies of ultrafast laser spectroscopy of semiconductor and gold nanostructures, aiming to advance our understanding of, and consequently control, photoinduced charge carrier dynamics in nanostructures ...

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