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  • Electron diffraction using a cold atom source 

    Speirs, Rory William (2017)
    Observing matter on atomic length and time scales simultaneously is now routinely achieved in ultrafast electron and X-ray imaging techniques, but continued advances in both approaches promise to deliver huge leaps in our ...
  • B0→K0π0 and direct CP violation at Belle 

    Hawthorne-Gonzalvez, Anton (2017)
    Rare B-meson decays such as the B0 → Ksπ0 which proceed without a charm quark provide a probe for physics beyond the standard model. This decay proceeds mainly via the b → s penguin transition, with the b → u transition ...
  • Strong gravitational fields and radiation from neutron stars 

    Suvorov, Arthur George (2017)
    Part 1 of this thesis is dedicated to the study of the gravitational field in the strong field regime. In particular, we focus on modified theories of gravity, exploring the implications of high-energy corrections to ...

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