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  • Solving Self-Absorption in Fluorescence and Nanostructure Analysis of Organometallics 

    Trevorah, Ryan McEvey (2021)
    X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy (XAS) is the study of quantum interference of the photoelectron emitted upon ionisation of an absorbing atom by an incident x-ray. XAS is one of the most popular techniques of synchrotron ...
  • An Optical Fibre Beam-Loss Monitor for the Australian Synchrotron 

    Giansiracusa, Paul Joseph (2021)
    The central thread of this thesis describes the testing and commissioning of the optical fibre beam-loss monitor (oBLM) for use at the Australian Synchrotron. The four 125 m long silica fibres that form the sensitive ...
  • A Study of Silicon on Diamond 

    Tsai, Alexander (2021)
    In modern-day technology, silicon and silicon-based materials play a key role in the production of computing parts, specifically, the transistors within the chips. The exponential densification of transistors has caused ...

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