Recent Submissions

  • Stimulation Strategies for Improving the Resolution of Retinal Prostheses. 

    Tong, W; Meffin, H; Garrett, DJ; Ibbotson, MR (Frontiers Media, 2020-03-26)
    Electrical stimulation using implantable devices with arrays of stimulating electrodes is an emerging therapy for neurological diseases. The performance of these devices depends greatly on their ability to activate populations ...
  • Behold the Eye in Parkinson's Disease & Alzheimer’s Disease 

    Lim, JK; Li, Q; He, Z; Vingrys, A; Wong, V; Currier, N; Mullen, J; Bui, B; Nguyen, C (Frontiers Media SA, 2016-11)
    Consequently, AD/PD patients can gradually develop vision problems. This neurological and ophthalmological disorder creates a pressing need for developing therapy to treat vision impairment in AD/PD.
  • Conscious Wireless Electroretinogram and Visual Evoked Potentials in Rats 

    Charng, J; Nguyen, CT; He, Z; Dang, TM; Vingrys, AJ; Fish, RL; Gurrell, R; Brain, P; Bui, BV (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2013-09-12)
    The electroretinogram (ERG, retina) and visual evoked potential (VEP, brain) are widely used in vivo tools assaying the integrity of the visual pathway. Current recordings in preclinical models are conducted under anesthesia, ...

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