Recent Submissions

  • Direct visualization and characterization of erythrocyte flow in human retinal capillaries 

    Bedggood, P; Metha, A (OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2012-12-01)
    Imaging the retinal vasculature offers a surrogate view of systemic vascular health, allowing noninvasive and longitudinal assessment of vascular pathology. The earliest anomalies in vascular disease arise in the ...
  • Limitations to adaptive optics image quality in rodent eyes 

    Zhou, X; Bedggood, P; Metha, A (OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2012-08-01)
    Adaptive optics (AO) retinal image quality of rodent eyes is inferior to that of human eyes, despite the promise of greater numerical aperture. This paradox challenges several assumptions commonly made in AO imaging, ...
  • A Three-Dimensional Atlas of the Honeybee Neck 

    Berry, RP; Ibbotson, MR (PUBLIC LIBRARY SCIENCE, 2010-05-24)
    Three-dimensional digital atlases are rapidly becoming indispensible in modern biology. We used serial sectioning combined with manual registration and segmentation of images to develop a comprehensive and detailed ...

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