Recent Submissions

  • Momentum transport by organised deep convection 

    Badlan, Rachel (2016)
    Deep convection is an important process that influences the vertical redistribution of heat, moisture, and momentum. Convective momentum transport (CMT) is composed of multiscale dynamical processes, including convective-scale ...
  • Global-scale waves and their links with tropical convection 

    King, Malcolm James (2016)
    Analyses have found a substantial amount of tropical convection variability is attributable to the interaction of convection with waves that exist and propagate throughout the tropics. The waves that interact most strongly ...
  • The thermal expression of the newer volcanics province, Southeast Australia 

    Mather, Ben Richard (2016)
    Southeast Australia is an accretionary terrane that has experienced a complex tectonic and thermal history. Understanding its thermal structure can reveal insights to mechanical stability and rheology. While oceanic ...

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