Recent Submissions

  • Folio of compositions 

    Riley, Daniel (2018)
    Folio of 6 compositions including orchestral, choral and chamber music. The works traverse a stylistic spectrum, moving freely between the simple and the complex, synthesising liturgical choral traditions with instrumental ...
  • East meets West: reconciling performance tradition in the clarinet works of Isang Yun 

    Lee, Sungpil (2019)
    This research project explores the clarinet works of Korean composer Isang Yun (1917-1995). Yun spent his formative years in Europe and pioneered a fusion of Eastern and Western musical styles through his appropriation of ...
  • Writing dialogue: stance, space, and emotion 

    Baka, Mischa (2018)
    Writing dialogue: Stance, space, and emotion is a practice-led research project completed in 2017 at the Victorian College of the Arts. The thesis comprises of the screen play Dance Drama and a dissertation. This ...

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