Recent Submissions

  • Taskscape: Caring for Migrant Materials 

    Al Zein, Eza (Azza) (2019)
    This practice-led research examines concepts of value in art through the materiality of domestic space, and the personal experience of a migrant. The research locates the displaced or migrant entity – be it human or non-human ...
  • Before Obsolescence: Cultural Roles of Combination Keyboards in Europe, 1490-1892 

    Langford, Elly Miranda (2019)
    Combination keyboards are hybrid musical instruments incorporating two or more autonomous components within a single object. These component instruments may be played separately or coupled from a keyboard interface. Such ...
  • Strategies: an artist mother's maintenance manifesto 

    Pharès, Claudia (2019)
    Becoming a mother is life-changing: it is well documented that it challenges the sense of self and identity. Maintaining an art practice while mothering could be defined as work. There is substantial literature to support ...

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