Recent Submissions

  • Performing algorithms: Automation and accident 

    Dockray, Sean Patrick (2019)
    "Performing Algorithms: Automation and Accident" investigates how artists might stage encounters with the algorithms driving our post-industrial, big-data-based, automatic society. Several important theories of this ...
  • Orpheus Unleashed: Creative Interpretations and Renditions of Henry Purcell’s Secular Songs 

    Triplow, Leighton Harold Geoffrey (2019)
    This practice-led study contributes to interdisciplinary Purcell scholarship with an investigation of the composer’s secular songs for solo voice through the interpretative frameworks of historically informed performance ...
  • Embodying Entanglement 

    Godden, Vanessa (2019)
    Embodying Entanglement is a practice-based research project investigating how material engagements with the body can examine personal histories of sexual assault and racism. It presents embodied trauma as processual, wherein ...

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