Recent Submissions

  • Resisting representation: photographing diffractively 

    Smith, Vivian Cooper (2017)
    This research project begins by asking, “can a photograph resist its representationalist apparatus?” It proposes that if the mechanisms of photographic representation could be used against photography’s inherent ...
  • Are You in Tune? 

    Jensen, Miranda (2017)
    This research explores the experiential and practical performance aspects arising through using Pythagorean Tuning. The focus is primarily on the application of the tuning system in the creation, performance and apprehension ...
  • Assisted solo: navigating relational & representational failure in music-dance collaboration 

    Hunter, Myfanwy (2017)
    This practice-based research asks how failure can be harnessed as a generative tool for locating, articulating and extending creative capacity in Assisted Solo music-dance collaboration. Throughout this research, the term ...

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