Recent Submissions

  • Folio of Compositions 

    Sdraulig, Harry Sam Peter (2017)
    A completed a folio of original compositions by Harry Sdraulig, including chamber works and a trombone concerto. The music explores a sophisticated harmonic vocabulary, in creative dialogue with traditional models. The ...
  • A synthesis of Schenkerian and Neo-Riemannian theories: the first movement of Paul Hindemith’s Piano Sonata No. 1 as a case study 

    Teo, Yvonne (2017)
    This thesis explores the possibility of synthesising some aspects of Schenkerian and Neo-Riemannian theories and seeks to demonstrate the effectiveness of this approach in the analysis of a twentieth-century sonata. Although ...
  • Hurdy-gurdy: new articulations 

    Nowotnik, Piotr (2016)
    The purpose of this thesis is to expand existing literature concerning the hurdy-gurdy as a contemporary musical instrument. Notably, it addresses the lack of hurdy-gurdy literature in the context of contemporary composition ...

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