Recent Submissions

  • Folio of compositions 

    Riley, Daniel (2018)
    Folio of 6 compositions including orchestral, choral and chamber music. The works traverse a stylistic spectrum, moving freely between the simple and the complex, synthesising liturgical choral traditions with instrumental ...
  • East meets West: reconciling performance tradition in the clarinet works of Isang Yun 

    Lee, Sungpil (2019)
    This research project explores the clarinet works of Korean composer Isang Yun (1917-1995). Yun spent his formative years in Europe and pioneered a fusion of Eastern and Western musical styles through his appropriation of ...
  • Border crossing: tracing the influences of Brazilian guitarist Yamandu Costa 

    Rudd, Maximillian (2018)
    Born in 1980 in Rio Grande do Sul, Yamandu Costa is one of Brazil’s most celebrated guitarists. Yamandu Costa began his musical journey at the age of seven, taking informal guitar lessons from his father, Algacir Costa. ...

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