Recent Submissions

  • Re: Marks from East Timor: a field guide to East Timor's graffiti 

    This thesis investigates the specific conflicts and contexts that produced East Timor’s fledgling graffiti between 2004-2008 to demonstrate links between its local lineage and a globally contextualised backdrop. It is ...
  • Hurdy-gurdy: new articulations 

    Nowotnik, Piotr (2016)
    The purpose of this thesis is to expand existing literature concerning the hurdy-gurdy as a contemporary musical instrument. Notably, it addresses the lack of hurdy-gurdy literature in the context of contemporary composition ...
  • Reflexivity, collaboration and ethical documentary filmmaking: a practice led approach 

    Thomas, Stephen (2017)
    This creative practice research concerns reflexivity, collaboration and ethics in authored documentary filmmaking—with a focus on the filmmaker-participant relationship. The written thesis provides a first-hand account and ...

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