Recent Submissions

  • Towards a secularised - transcendental style in film 

    Nathan, Peter T. (2018)
    Towards a secularised - transcendental style in film is a practice-led research investigation that interrogates a religious style of filmmaking known as the transcendental style in film in order to determine what it has ...
  • Reincarnation, rebirth, transmigration 

    Phoenix, Sumitra (2016)
    This thesis sought to examine the common elements in reincarnation beliefs, as encountered in stories from world religions and cultures, in scholarly literature and studies, in films made from 1990 to 2010, and in the lived ...
  • Dumbstruck: lessons in silence 

    Jackson, Siobhan (2018)
    I write and make silent films – the kind where trees fall silently in the forest whether you are there or not. This practice-led thesis, DUMBSTRUCK: Lessons in Silence, examines the creative possibilities that this ...

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