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    • Writing dialogue: stance, space, and emotion 

      Baka, Mischa (2018)
      Writing dialogue: Stance, space, and emotion is a practice-led research project completed in 2017 at the Victorian College of the Arts. The thesis comprises of the screen play Dance Drama and a dissertation. This ...
    • All you can eat TV 

      McCredie, Elise (2018)
      I am sitting iPad in front of me, my finger poised over the PAUSE icon. Should I watch another episode or should I go to bed? If I don’t watch another episode will my dreams be full of all the possible outcomes for Don ...
    • Towards a secularised - transcendental style in film 

      Nathan, Peter T. (2018)
      Towards a secularised - transcendental style in film is a practice-led research investigation that interrogates a religious style of filmmaking known as the transcendental style in film in order to determine what it has ...