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dc.contributor.authorCorrigan, F
dc.contributor.authorVink, R
dc.contributor.authorBlumbergs, PC
dc.contributor.authorMasters, CL
dc.contributor.authorCappai, R
dc.contributor.authorvan den Heuvel, C
dc.identifierpii: S0006-8993(12)00351-4
dc.identifier.citationCorrigan, F., Vink, R., Blumbergs, P. C., Masters, C. L., Cappai, R. & van den Heuvel, C. (2012). Characterisation of the effect of knockout of the amyloid precursor protein on outcome following mild traumatic brain injury. BRAIN RESEARCH, 1451, pp.87-99.
dc.descriptionC1 - Journal Articles Refereed
dc.description.abstractThe amyloid precursor protein (APP) increases following traumatic brain injury (TBI), although the functional significance of this remains unclear largely because the functions of the subsequent APP metabolites are so different: Aβ is neurotoxic whilst sAPPα is neuroprotective. To investigate this further, APP wildtype and knockout mice were subjected to mild diffuse TBI and their outcomes compared. APP knockout mice displayed significantly worse cognitive and motor deficits, as demonstrated by the Barnes Maze and rotarod respectively, than APP wildtype mice. This was associated with a significant increase in hippocampal and cortical cell loss, as well as axonal injury, in APP knockout mice and an impaired neuroreparative response as indicated by diminished GAP-43 immunoreactivity when compared to APP wildtype mice. This study is the first to demonstrate that endogenous APP is beneficial following mild TBI, suggesting that the upregulation of APP observed following injury is an acute protective response.
dc.subjectCentral Nervous System; Nervous System and Disorders
dc.titleCharacterisation of the effect of knockout of the amyloid precursor protein on outcome following mild traumatic brain injury
dc.typeJournal Article
melbourne.peerreviewPeer Reviewed
melbourne.affiliationThe University of Melbourne
melbourne.source.titleBrain Research
melbourne.contributor.authorMasters, Colin
melbourne.contributor.authorCappai, Roberto
melbourne.fieldofresearch320903 Central nervous system
melbourne.seocode200199 Clinical health not elsewhere classified
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