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dc.contributor.authorEvans, AJ
dc.contributor.authorThompson, BC
dc.contributor.authorWallace, GG
dc.contributor.authorMillard, R
dc.contributor.authorO'Leary, SJ
dc.contributor.authorClark, GM
dc.contributor.authorShepherd, RK
dc.contributor.authorRichardson, RT
dc.identifier.citationEvans, A. J., Thompson, B. C., Wallace, G. G., Millard, R., O'Leary, S. J., Clark, G. M., Shepherd, R. K. & Richardson, R. T. (2009). Promoting neurite outgrowth from spiral ganglion neuron explants using polypyrrole/BDNF-coated electrodes. JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS RESEARCH PART A, 91A (1), pp.241-250.
dc.description.abstractRelease of neurotrophin-3 (NT3) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) from hair cells in the cochlea is essential for the survival of spiral ganglion neurons (SGNs). Loss of hair cells associated with a sensorineural hearing loss therefore results in degeneration of SGNs, potentially reducing the performance of a cochlear implant. Exogenous replacement of either or both neurotrophins protects SGNs from degeneration after deafness. We previously incorporated NT3 into the conducting polymer polypyrrole (Ppy) synthesized with para-toluene sulfonate (pTS) to investigate whether Ppy/pTS/NT3-coated cochlear implant electrodes could provide both neurotrophic support and electrical stimulation for SGNs. Enhanced and controlled release of NT3 was achieved when Ppy/pTS/NT3-coated electrodes were subjected to electrical stimulation. Here we describe the release dynamics and biological properties of Ppy/pTS with incorporated BDNF. Release studies demonstrated slow passive diffusion of BDNF from Ppy/pTS/BDNF, with electrical stimulation significantly enhancing BDNF release over 7 days. A 3-day SGN explant assay found that neurite outgrowth from explants was 12.3-fold greater when polymers contained BDNF (p < 0.001), although electrical stimulation did not increase neurite outgrowth further. The versatility of Ppy to store and release neurotrophins, conduct electrical charge, and act as a substrate for nerve-electrode interactions is discussed for specialized applications such as cochlear implants.
dc.relation.ispartofScientific publications, vol.14, 2004-2012
dc.subjectbrain-derived neurotrophic factor
dc.subjectcochlear implant
dc.subjectelectrical stimulation
dc.subjectsensorineural hearing loss
dc.subjectspiral ganglion neuron
dc.titlePromoting neurite outgrowth from spiral ganglion neuron explants using polypyrrole/BDNF-coated electrodes
dc.typeJournal Article
melbourne.peerreviewPeer Reviewed
melbourne.affiliationThe University of Melbourne
melbourne.affiliation.departmentDepartment of Otolaryngology, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences
melbourne.source.titleJournal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A
melbourne.contributor.authorO'Leary, Stephen
melbourne.contributor.authorClark, Graeme
melbourne.contributor.authorShepherd, Robert
melbourne.contributor.authorRichardson, Rachael
melbourne.contributor.authorMillard, Rodney
melbourne.contributor.authorNEIL, ALISON
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